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corporate communication

Corporate communication, audit, strategic consulting, business analysis

The corporate communication service starts by listening to the client during a strategic consulting phase, it is intended for private and public organizations and unfolds in all the appropriate actions in order to communicate corporate initiatives, projects and achievements to the media and the target population. Through a communication and marketing strategy, all the suitable movements are studied to penetrate into the agrifood industry.

The intercommunication area of WIISE, parent company of FARE, provides clients with an innovative press office able to work alongside the traditional performance of the sector-specific strategic consulting and communication plan.

To identify the path to involve the national news is often very difficult, so it is useful to follow the hot issues, to find opinion makers and potential supporters and to modulate the related information depending on the context.

As a result, a tailored corporate promotion intervention makes use, as well, of a dense and extensive network of relationships with anyone involved and carries out its action also on the web, providing infographics for social networks and timely and multilingual audio video promulgation services.

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