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business consultancy

Business consultancy, law firm, agrifood subject matter

All round Business Consultancy, with the support of more than one law firm ready to assist organizations and associations, for an extensive agrifood consultancy: FARE is a professional platform that can integrate all legal, procedural and normative, corporate, PR and lobbying services, on a global scale.

Relying on a law firm means to rely on specialists with specific knowledge in international regulative matters, public & regulatory affairs, communication and business strategy areas. A beacon of reference to deal with different sets of rules and business practices in the aliment industry.

The integrated Business Consultancy includes the study of commercial information and product labels, risk and crisis analysis and management, thanks to the contribution of technical experts in hygiene and safety, veterinary, certification, food and drink labeling, like Luigi Mancini and Andrea Verme.

FARE was established in 2012 as a division of WIISE srl, on the initiative of the lawyer Dario Dongo, who after twenty years of experience has developed a network of specialized skills in the complex agrifood field.

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