Compliance Consultants

Compliance Consultants, What You Need to Know

As compliance consultants, FARE is your global partner for regulatory compliance, strategic positioning, and effective risk management worldwide. Food and Agricultural Requirements is a professional platform of designed to offer expertise in a wide range of areas from legal counselling to complying with new regulations. Its headquarters are in Brussels in the heart of the EU.

The compliance consultants at FARE are a key resource for any leading food and agriculture enterprise, business organization or public entity aiming at commercial success in full observance of the relevant rules within an increasingly globalized market. It is also a source of first-hand information on political trends and legislative developments in the sector.

A multilingual staff with extensive experience in institutional lobbying and handling contingency issues, coupled with a broad network of international contacts, FARE compliance consultants offers a complete set of services including monitoring, intelligence gathering, regulatory affairs, crisis control, media relations, training and support for EU-funded projects.

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Compliance Consultants

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