ravioli sauces

ravioli sauces

Ravioli sauces, traditional recipes and haute cuisine

The Italian tradition presents us with countless ravioli sauces, every region elaborates different ravioli recipes, handed down over time, using the particular and characteristic ingredients of the area, starting with the type of filling up to the choice of sauces. To find the best combination with the diversified fresh pasta recipes (the same dough can change composition) the gastronomic culture draws from the ancestral knowledge, rooted in the past, when ravioli were first made.

The most common sauces are “tomato”, “in bianco” (i.e. ” white” with butter and sage), “ragu” (vegetables, a mix of meats, red wine and spices), “mixed cheese” or “in broth” (especially for the Emilian tortellini).

The ravioli fillings are combined with par excellence sauces, pasta recipes capable of enhancing the mix of flavors contained inside the dumplings, elaborations suitable to hold the sauces with the pasta porosity and a delight to the palate. In Tuscany, for example, the spinach and ricotta ravioli go well with a red sauce; the Piedmontese agnolotti, instead, are typically matched with “meat sauces “. Chefs accompany scampi or tomatoes to the recipes for seafood ravioli, adding the freshness of the parsley.

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