ravioli recipes

ravioli recipes

Ravioli recipes, a filling enchantment, tasty sauces

A cookbook is not enough to contain all the ravioli recipes, they vary according to the filling, the diverse types of fresh pasta and sauces to accompany them. Each region enhances its original products, passing on their own recipes.

Potato ravioli, pumpkin, tortellini, agnolotti, cappelletti and we could go on and on with the recipes and names endlessly. Let’s start with the chapter on “filling”.

Tuscan ravioli recipes with a filling of ricotta and spinach (or chard, derived from c.d. “naked” made of just the filling), ancient Sardinian recipes alternate meat filling with a vegetarian kind with potatoes and mint. In Piedmont, the “gobbi” (hunchback) consists of pork, lamb, borage, various herbs, carrots, onions and celery (perhaps among the only medieval recipes of ravioli).

These days, chef’s are honoring the Piemonte recipes of “ravioli del plin” (“Plin” means pinching since you pinch with the thumb and forefinger between the mound of filling to close and seal the little packets), also called “raviole”, different because of their pinched shape.

Served with broth with butter and sage, tomato and cheese sauces. Ravioli with fish in the filling of the ravioli as well as in the sauces; first and foremost, with shrimp, sea bream and sole.

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