ravioli filling

ravioli filling

Ravioli filling, authentic recipes and ideas for delicious dishes

Ravioli and their filling. A separate chapter of real recipes for ravioli. Each different filling for ravioli shows off its best match, sometimes even the pasta used is diverse. The first references to ravioli are found placing special attention to the filling, floured and cooked in boiling water, a tradition still kept in the “ignudi” (naked) and in the preparation of the classic filling for ravioli of central Italy: ricotta and  spinach.

Meat is the star in Emilia Romagna and Piedmont, where the “agnolotti” contain a mixture of pork, lamb, beets, carrots, celery and onion. Traditional in Sardinia, but also widespread in the continent, the filling of potatoes (and mint) or pumpkin (with macaroons and mustard typical romagnolo). Less known, but tasty, the Capri alternative, no eggs in the dough and with an inviting filling of fresh and dried cheese.

A topic on which chefs have always competed, producing recipes with an amazing filling, such as endive and ham, lemon, thyme and roast meats, scampi, lobster, shrimp, red radish and much more. Experiment, but without losing sight of the calories: a half portion of ravioli (100 g) contains about 225 kcal.


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