Gluten free ravioli

Gluten free ravioli

Gluten free ravioli an alternative to wheat pasta

Gluten free ravioli, a recipe to pull out for the best occasions! Just like you make any gluten free pasta, you can also create your own favorite ravioli, drawing on tradition or personal taste and intuition. To bring to the table an excellent dish, in the same way as other types of popular gluten free pasta, you can use different types of flour, from the specific ones, commercially available, to the most widespread (rice or buckwheat, for example) and dosing the added ingredients depending on the consistency of the dough.

If you choose to prepare them at home keep in mind that a great plate of ravioli needs a porous wrap, able to hold the sauce. For the filling the choice is broad, fish, mixed meat with vegetables, ricotta and spinach, ham or simply experiment. If you want to save time, buy the ready – made dumplings: you will certainly find very good deals on the market.

Italian brands offer a range of possibilities when it comes to types of pasta, frozen or all set to be cooked. Of the many pasta types, this is not a particularly caloric food (210 to 260 kcal per 100 g. it depends on the recipes of ravioli followed), but undoubtedly a super tasty one!

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