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Impossible to determine the origin of ravioli. Scattered throughout the world we find recipes for ravioli made up of a filling wrapped in an enclosure of different types of pasta. The renowned Italian ravioli, however, differ in their diverse traditions and the strong attachment of the people to their traditional recipes.

Ravioli, a delicious mystery. Some say this pasta was born in Piemonte, others in Liguria or in the south. Testimonies tell of a dish on the tables of nobles, recipes consisting of only a floured filling (in Tuscany the filling for the ravioli is still prepared with spinach and ricotta, called “naked”). From here the Ligurian “pansotti” and the Tuscanian and Emilian “tortelli”. The Piedmont “agnolotti” are faithful to the old recipes (a rich filling with pork, lamb, onion, celery, carrots and herbs).

The name appears for the first time in a deed of 1182, in which a tenant of Albenga agrees to give an annual amount to the owner. Yet in 1200, in Gavi a family of restaurateurs, The Raviolo, placed their surname on the restaurant sign, serving obviously these types of pastas. In the novella of Boccaccio, Calandrino, the word “ravioli.” reappears once again.

Each city differs with regard to the recipes, the unique filling for the ravioli and the sauce.

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ravioli recipes

Ravioli recipes, a filling enchantment, tasty sauces A cookbook is not enough to contain all the ravioli recipes, they vary according to the filling, the diverse types of fresh pasta and sauces to accompany them. Each region enhances its original products, passing on their own recipes...

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