Quality in Tradition

The unrivalled quality of the products of Italian pasta producers is the result of passion and meticulous attention to detail at every stage of production. This combined with the centuries-old tradition that has reached perfection through modern manufacturing techniques ensures that Italian pasta will always live up to its reputation, while producers continue to raise the bar in terms of quality, taste and sustainability. With a few simple ingredients – semolina, eggs and water – these masters create a versatile staple food that has long brought smiles to tables around Italy, and increasingly the world. The thousands of recipes and dozens of sizes and shape also provide the perfect base for the varied diet so important to healthy eating. Although there are many technical variations in the products sent to market by Italian pasta producers, such as use of specific types of wheat flour, different thicknesses and cooking times, the common thread that unites them is continuing a culinary art that has been handed down for generations, and that is wholly unique to its country of origin.