Prosciutto, Parma and Beyond

Prosciutto is synonymous with quality and gusto in the world. The two most famous varieties of Italian Prosciutto, Parma and San Daniele, are really just the tip of the ham hock, with the entire category of dried pork legs stretching to include types originating in mountain areas, Modena, Veneto and the unfathomable bontà of Culatello. Prosciutto tops the list of imitated Italian food items, so be careful, there is more to them than the name.

Italian Prosciutto is the king of salumi, or cured meats, with flavors and aromas that are incomparable to anything of their kind. The enlightening of the senses that prosciutto creates is the result of the extreme care exercised throughout the production process, from the selection of meat, to the secret traditions handed down over centuries. High safety standards also make the curing of this raw specialty unique.

Taste and wellbeing, rich in protein and healthy unsaturated fats, Italian Prosciutto offers energy and important nutrients. Through the mastery of its creators, it is free of additives and preservatives that are commonly found in other similar products.

prosciutto crudoparma grande

prosciutto di parma

Prosciutto di Parma Ham Prosciutto di Parma is definitely the king of Italian prosciutto. The branded-crown seal of the consortium that governs production of this Parma ham delicacy is only granted after each thigh passes a rigorous selection. This prosciutto is distinguished for the...

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