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The health of the planet is in critical condition. The cure is there. But it requires an alliance between producers and consumers. The appeal comes from leading environmental sustainability experts, who met in WiGreen, the first international forum on the subject.
Antonio Ballarin Denti, of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Brescia, and Laura Airoldi, of the University of Bologna, illustrated the urgencies of the planet dictated by climate change and threats to the biodiversity of the marine habitat. Massimo Iannetta, head of the Sustainable Development and Innovation unit of the agro-industrial system ofAeneas, suggested the control of agri-food production, which in Italy account for about 18% of total greenhouse gas emissions.
The products with the greatest impact are transport, food and household consumption, goods that are difficult to replace, explained Arnold Tukker, of the Norwegian University, to the audience of WiGreen. But a conscious citizen can make a difference with his choices, said Alexandre Meybeck, head of the FAO-Unep Program. The virtuous ideas presented at WiGreen go in this direction: the new Environmental Label, and the awarded Tergeo and Vivi Verde Coop.


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