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Sustainability in a glass of Italian organic wine

Organic with a supportive taste. It is the first wine born under the Ekuò brand of Murialdo World onlus, produced by the Veneto winery Cielo e Terra and presented at Vinitalybio, an area reserved for the first time for organic Italian wine production as part of Vinitaly 2014.

The biosolidal wine label includes a chardonnay and a merlot obtained from organic grapes certified according to the criteria laid down by the EU regulation 203/2012. The support for the activities of the organization of the Giuseppini del Murialdo contributes to making them more valuable, which in Italy and abroad works to offer a way of redemption to disadvantaged people.

Cielo e Terra, committed to the social and environmental sustainability of its production, has been collaborating for 5 years with the international Engim, an Italian NGO that with the Blue Project has achieved the construction of 31 wells in Sierra Leone, source of 30 million liters of water drinking.

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