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Workers, from victims to protagonists

Equal pay, rights and treatment: for women around the world, these are the keys to a future free from hunger and poverty. Yet for the millions who work every day without a decent income, the first to lose their jobs when times get tough, and for those who suffer abuse, these fundamental rights are a distant dream.

Although they represent about half of the world's farmers and in many realities agricultural production depends largely on their work, women are victims of widespread discrimination. It is crucial that companies with commercial relations with countries that discriminate against women undertake to promote their well-being by ensuring their participation on an equitable basis in the production chain.

Investing in training women to access credit, land and other services can guarantee returns in terms of productivity and efficiency. Because from being victims they become protagonists of the redemption from hunger and poverty, as the cases of the Oxfam Report show Private Investment in Agriculture.


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