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The Roncadin pizza from the side of the bees

The Roncadin frozen pizza industry has installed 13 hives capable of accommodating 650 bees. A project of great value, to protect these valuable pollinators and of us all.

Roncadin protects bees

The company of Meduno (Pordenone) has created the new home for bees in a land adjacent to the plant, using hives produced with PEFG certified wood (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) for the protection of forests and traceability of materials.

The project it is conceived and created by an employee of Roncadin, Renzo Casali, in charge of the production lines and also an expert beekeeper with his family business, Apicoltura Val Meduna, also from Meduno, which produces organic honey.

Honey, wax and air control

'This project has numerous purposes. The most important is to make our contribution to protecting the bee population, whose decline is a global problem. But this is only the starting point.

We will make honey and wax, whose analysis will give us useful information on the quality of the air in Meduno, and we are also thinking about how to make our apiary a didactic resource for schools in the future'explains managing director Dario Roncadin.

An eco-sustainable apiary

The apiary it was set up following eco-sustainability criteria: the blocks and tiles were recovered from the renovation works of the new laboratory of the beekeeping company, while the concrete and wooden posts were recovered from an old disused family vineyard.

In every hive there are now about 50.000 bees, for a total of 650.000, which, planted at the end of May, have begun to forage the great flowering of acacia. In the Roncadin car park, melliferous trees have also been planted and, again in order to support the bees in their activity, flower beds will be set up near the apiary with spontaneous flowers pleasing to insects.

A project in progress

The project is open to further development. Roncadin is evaluating the possibility of building an educational structure in which, in safety and with the intervention of the beekeeper, it will be possible to see closely how the hives are made and how a family of bees is organized, with the queen, the drones. and the workers busily engaged in their essential work for the survival of numerous plant and animal species, including ours.

Roncadin spa produces quality Italian pizza for national and international large-scale distribution. With 780 employees, a 2021 turnover of 148,5 million euros, it is a Benefit Company, which is committed to operating responsibly towards the environment, people and the territory, with a view to sustainable development.

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