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ToMEx, the research database on the effects of microplastics, is online

The effects of microplastics on humans and aquatic organisms are the subject of a growing body of scientific studies. All this data is now collected in the Toxicity of Microplastics Explorer (ToMEx), a continuously updated open access e open source.

ToMEx, the on the effects of microplastics

ToMEx was presented on 28.5.22 in the magazine Microplastics and Nanoplastics by Leah M. Thornton Hampton del Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (USA) and 17 co-authors from other research institutes in the United States, Canada and Europe (Norway and Holland). (1)

Target of is to offer scientists and environmental experts a shared platform in which to consult and publish studies on the effects of microplastics on man e on aquatic organisms.

Appeal to the scientific community

Il it is divided into two areas, effects on humans and effects on aquatic organisms. It can be consulted by setting different search terms: by polymer, by type of exposure, by evidence collected in vivo or in vitro, ..

Collection data is updated to 2020. The authors invite the scientific community engaged in microplastics research to upload the peer-reviewed toxicity studies. The materials provided are subject to further scrutiny by two or more independent researchers before being added to the .

Knowing in order to deliberate

The consultation of ToMEx is very useful to researchers who can quickly select research fields that are not well studied.

The instrument it is also a valuable source for risk assessment and management of plastic pollution, as well as for regulatory forecasting. ToMEx was in fact created to support California in the development of safe thresholds for exposure to microplastics. An urgent need throughout the planet.

Marta Strinati


(1) Thornton Hampton L., MP et al. (2022). A living tool for the continued exploration of microplastic toxicity. Microplastics and Nanoplastics. DOI: 10.1186 / s43591-022-00032-4. https://microplastics.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s43591-022-00032-4

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