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Sustainable use of pesticides, support for the Wiener report

Civil society – through a network of 69 associations, including PAN (Pesticides Action Network) Europe, ISDE (doctors for the environment) and Égalité - expresses heartfelt support for the draft report on the proposed regulation (1) for the sustainable use of pesticides (SUR, Sustainable Use of Pesticides) signed by MEP Sara Wiener.

Sustainable use of pesticides, civil society is attentive

69 organizations communities engaged in the protection of public health and the environment, sustainable development and agroecology are closely following the political debate now underway at the ENVI Commission (Environment, Public Health and Food Safety) of the European Parliament.

MEP Sarah Wiener (Austria, Verdi Group) today presents the draft report on the European Commission's proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the sustainable use of agrochemicals (SUR), reforming Regulation (EU) 2021/2115 .

Vienna report

The draft regulation in question - the only hope of salvation for European citizens and ecosystems - has been and still is the subject of various boycott attempts from the LOBBY di Big Ag and agricultural confederations in conflict of interest with its own associates.

The position presented by MEP Wiener to the European Parliament Referent Commission (ENVI) expresses an important progress, in tackling the biodiversity crisis and the urgent need to act to guarantee the water safety and food.

This reading moreover, it is the only one to be in line with the principles expressed in the European Citizens' Initiative (ICE) Save Bees and Farmers, which has collected more than 1,1 million signatures and is still awaiting the dutiful response of the European Commission. (2)

Binding targets for the reduction of synthetic pesticides

Binding goals reduction in the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are a prerequisite for dealing with the emergency of the collapse of biodiversity and the associated ecosystem services, as well as the health of citizens. It is therefore essential:

  • give today following up on the Wiener report on the SUR proposal and the binding targets for the reduction of pesticides contained therein,
  • support the ecological transition in agriculture, to be entrusted only to the inputs now allowed in organic production systems (see paragraph 5 previous article)
  • lead forward theEuropean Citizens' Initiative (ECI) Save Bees and Farmers, to achieve the reduction of all pesticides by 80% by 2030 and the complete elimination of synthetic agrochemicals by 2035,
  • finance research on agronomic practices and inputs consistent with agroecology, in line with FAO recommendations (2019).

FAO, IPCC, IPBES recommendations. Scientific support

Wiener report, it should be noted, is also in line with the recommendations of international agencies and a large scientific community:

  • FAO and other UN agencies, IPCC, IPBES and other institutions underline that the status quo is not a viable option for safeguarding farmers' viability with respect to the climate emergency, biodiversity, drinking water security (2,3,4,5, XNUMX),
  • the urgency to define the SUR with binding targets for the reduction of pesticides is underlined by 739 scientists, in their appeal for measures consistent with the needs of health and environmental protection. (6)

Appeal to MEPs

Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulation (SOUTH) is the pillar on which the strategy Farm to Fork, Biodiversity 2030, Soil EU Strategies. In addition to having an essential role in contributing to achieving the objectives of the EU Green Deal and Sustainable Development Goals in the UN Agenda 2030

The 'honorables'they are such only thanks to the votes of European citizens, who are very concerned about food safety precisely because of pesticides and other agrotoxic substances (Eurostat 2021) which inexorably poison our waters and thus threaten the health of generations to come.

Let's ask a responsible vote, in the ENVI Commission and in the Assembly, in full support of the Wiener report. A coherent vow to fundamental human rights – to life and health in first place – and to the sensitivity shown by European citizens, rather than the monopolists of pesticides and seeds and the obscure ones LOBBY farms at their service.

# SDG3, Ensure Health and Well-being. # SDG12, Responsible consumption and production. # SDG13, Climate Change. # SDG14, Life Below Water. # SDG15, Life on land.

Dario Dongo

Attachment: Letter of Support – For a strong SUR


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Dario Dongo, lawyer and journalist, PhD in international food law, founder of WIISE (FARE - GIFT - Food Times) and Égalité.

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