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Interporto della Toscana Centrale 4.0, smart logistics

The Interporto della Toscana Centrale 4.0 on 8.7.22 presents some revolutionary technologies in terms of transport, safety at work and last mile delivery services. The application of solutions smart to achieve the goal of decarbonization and digitalization of logistics makes thehub di Gonfienti an experimental center of excellence at national level.

Interport of Central Tuscany 4.0, thehub of logistics smart

At the event 'Interporto Toscana Centrale 4.0 - Smart logistics, last mile, I-mobility and 5 days'various companies participate such as Cisco, Navya, Estra, Susa. Regis Motors is present with 4 vehicles: Epic0 Fixed body, Epic0 Extendable tipper body, Epic0 Compact
and Epic0 itinerant registry box in Turin.

All have chosen to illustrate and experiment some in the logistics hub of Prato revolutionary technologies on the transportation front, safety at work and last mile delivery services.

Economic and environmental sustainability

The Interport, at the urging of the President Francesco Querci and Roberto Maldacea the senior partners for technological innovation and I-mobility, wants to be the promoter and experimenter of a series of innovative projects to accompany the metropolitan district and the whole of Tuscany towards new technological challenges, with a view to economic and environmental sustainability.

Not by chance toInterporto, in addition to main sponsor Estra, and the technical sponsors Cisco, Enav, Navya and Regis Motors, will also include some of the main logistics companies operating in the Gonfienti infrastructure.

The news on stage at the Gonfienti hub

The appointment of 8 July allows you to touch some digital technologies for the safety of goods and that of operators at work. You can take a test aboard a level three self-driving shuttle on an authorized internal route. And again to view and test some electric vehicles set up for the municipal services of the last mile.

'The Interport confirms its central role within the Tuscan and national logistics. We want to be protagonists of an innovation path that can improve the operations of companies, reduce emissions and guarantee increasingly efficient services to users. We address both the public and the private sector, getting to the heart of the measures outlined by the NRP', explains the president Francesco Querci.

La partnership with the Municipalities

To the initiative The President of the Region, Eugenio Giani, and the Mayor of Prato, Matteo Biffoni also participate in the Central Tuscany Freight Village.

Some of the projects presented will already be operational by December. Furthermore, the Interport will use the initiative as a bridge to reach the last mile revolution, on which, in agreement with the municipalities involved, there will be developments already after the summer.

Decarbonisation and digitalisation mission

'Digitization, the energy transition and the issues associated with the mobility of people and goods, even those of the last mile, now represent an essential unicum for those who work in the logistics sector.

The many partners already operational in our project, they will accompany us in the mission of decarbonization and digitalization, making the Interport an experimental hub of excellence at national level'explains Roberto Maldacea.

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