Products Now Mainstream

Research from the Canada Organic Trade Association shows that the organic food industry is growing rapidly. Market value in 2012 was the equivalent of 2.4bln euros, three times that of 2006, making it agrifood’s fastest growing. Organic food and beverage sales reached 2bln, with fruit and vegetables making up 40% of the whole. Coffee, juices and milk followed suit at 16%, other dairy and eggs 15%.

The boost reflects increasing sales across North America and Europe. These figures alone show more than half of Canadians buy organic products on a weekly basis, similar to their counterparts in Italy and the rest of the EU (see Fruitylife). Organic foods are no longer niche products, penetrating into the shopping carts of consumers concerned with the quality and health attributes of what they eat.

As demand for organic food continues to grow, some producers are even preparing for a scenario in which their output may not be sufficient. A possible dynamic could lead to price increases on the most popular items, which may be just what growers are able to supply. Some areas where organic food is the staple have already seen shortages. With popularity on the up, producers will have to stay ahead of the numbers like their industrial scale competition.