Production of Excellence

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Foreign markets are smiling on Grana Padano with solid performance registering a 7.53% increase, equal to some 90,000 units, and compensating for a slight drop in domestic consumption. Production of the cheese also showed growth (1.8%) to over 4.3 million forms.
The results were published on November 30th by the Grana Padano Protection Consortium, during a special meeting which, after validating what worked successfully over the period, approved the industrial plan for 2013-2015. The objective for the coming year is a production volume not superior to 4.5 million units through careful organisation to avoid manufacturing “pushes” such as those seen in 2012.
During the course of the assembly, chairman Nicola Cesare Baldrighi recalled the damage caused by the earthquake which struck the Emilia Romagna and Lombardy regions in May (causing the loss of some 300,000 forms with total damages, along with those to various facilities, reaching 70 million euros), and highlighted the activities to assist those affected, including the sale of Grana Padano as a solidarity project at some supermarket chains with the aim of collecting 2 million in funding for the 18 towns hit the hardest. In the end, “Grana” is doing well, and not just on the market.