Probiotics Research, The Italian Way


Excellence in Italian probioticsresearch is best represented by Probiotical, a Novara-based company in the Mofin Alce group headed by Giovanni Mogna, where 10% of earnings are reinvested in research, adding up to over a million euros each year, making Probiotical a champion in the production of probiotics and other supplements.

Equipped with a 1,200 square meter laboratory, entirely cleanroom, scientific research at Probiotical has produced 60 patents, soon to become 61. The asset of know-how pushes the outfit to the top of the pharmaceutical sector, in which it earned 20.6 million in 2013.

Founded in 1985 by the historic Italian parent company, which has been a national leader in lactic fermentation and penicillin for sixty years, Probiotical is also active in global markets. 42% of profits come from export, mostly to America, Russia, China, India and Arab countries. These levels promise to reach 50% in 2014.