Probiotics, Fundamental to Staying Healthy

Italy is one of the world’s leading countries in the production of probiotics and Europe’s leader in terms of the number of scientific studies published on the subject. It is a little known fact that at the internationally speaking, Italy is second only to the United States in probiotic research. The high level of competence that it has reached on the subject is in stride with the wide consumption of probiotics in the country where people use more of them than the rest of the EU.

The especially varied and innovative offer that Italy boasts has shown constant growth in recent years, pushing Italian probiotics to the forefront. Scientific research is also continuing at an up tempo pace highlighting new discoveries which reaffirm the importance of healthy bacterial flora to the correct functioning of the intestines, as well as the ability of these products to contribute to a positive equilibrium.

Probiotics have become a staple for consumers in both Italy and the whole of Europe, where even supermarkets carry the right products for each individual need. These beneficial products have never been easier to include in daily diets.