Pizza Ingredients

Pizza Ingredients

Pizza ingredients, magic of authentic recipes

Pizza ingredients are incredibly simple, but the mix of crust and toppings provides for a true culinary masterpiece. Pizza recipes, like that for Neapolitan-style or margherita, owe their unmistakable flavor to the quality of the single components and the chef’s experience in combining them.

Though many versions exist, using anything from Kamut to the near over-use of condiments in the American counterpart, pizza recipes start by making dough with Italian “type 0” flour, yeast, salt, extra virgin olive oil and water. Mozzarella, basil and tomato are common pizza ingredients, but the simplicity of the dish lends itself easily to a number of traditional and creative endeavors into taste.

Pizza ingredients have to be genuine (the best are organic or “zero-kilometer”) in order to put together a truly unforgettable pizza. Great importance must also be placed on the process of leavening, often lasting for up to 24 hours. Even frozen pizzas are now able to offer the zest and bounty of the chosen ingredients, which are kept fresh through new chilling procedures. In this way, ingredients and dough maintain the aromas of Italy at home. With such wholesomeness it is possible to enjoy these masterpieces pregnant, on a diet, or just for hedonistic pleasure right out of the kitchen oven!

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