Italian Pizza, Ingredients for a Masterpiece

There is no culinary work of art in history equal to true Italian pizza. Ingredients are just flour, yeast, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes and mozzarella, very simple components that can be arranged to exalt each unique characteristic, arriving at the creation of a perfect marriage of flavors, the basis for all the different types of pizza.

Known everywhere by the name “Neapolitan”, hand-made, frozen, take-away or ordered at a pizzeria table, what does the international success of this traditional Italian delicacy depend on? Quality ingredients and dough are certainly a response, but it is also the possibility to create one’s own personalized dish through variations to Italian pizza recipes that has made this ancient food so famous.

Today, it is easy to find new types such as Kamut and gluten free, even the freezer section is full of them. The possible varieties are limitless, from American-style to the range of traditions found throughout the Italian peninsula.

Italian pizza ingredients include important elements like type of oven and cooking technique, which are able to have a strong influence on the taste of the final product. Re-enter the realm of this wonderful Italian meal, and rediscover its origins, now protected by the STG certification.

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