Types of Pasta

Types of Pasta

Types of pasta, italian shapes

Many different types of pasta are produced across Italy. Italian pasta starts with the tradition of handmade pasta types, developing into the contemporary large-scale phenomenon it has become today. Italians only use specific sauces for each type, a choice which begins with length. Long pastas, like spaghetti, for example, are common with tomato sauce, or clams and seafood, while recipes with meet frequently call for short types, such as penne, mezze maniche and rigatoni.

All types of pasta are broken down into numerous products, often at the regional level – orecchiette from Puglia, Lombardy’s pizzocheri, or Tuscany’s pici. Every region develops an array of dishes of filled types, it is enough to fathom the infinite varieties of ravioli and tortellini.

Another distinction is reached when considering the myriad flours that can be used in both industrial and handmade types – classic Durum flour, Kamut or whole wheat are a few examples.

The real patrimony of types of pasta stands in its frequent marriage to local ingredients, leading to a concept of territory that ennobles flavor to its culinary summit.

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