Pasta Recipes

Pasta Recipes

Pasta recipes, italian please

There are thousands of pasta recipes thanks to the versatility of this incredible edible invention. Tradition and innovation combine and compliment in Italian pasta recipes to create unique and inimitable flavors. Some sauces correspond to specific types of Italian pasta, while the choice widens with dishes whipped at a moment’s notice. Italians are quite rightly in love with pasta, and prefer it to fast food.

If it is true that every region has its own pasta recipes, it is even truer that a new generation of chefs (and consumers) experiment with different ingredients, as well as ethnic and international cuisine, bringing to tables at restaurants and at home recipes and condiments that conquer palates and offer moments of uncompromising flavor. This is where Italy’s authentic traditions shine.

There has also been a revolution in Italian pasta, and across supermarkets and specialty stores it is possible to discover frozen pasta meals inspired by gourmet tastes. It is not rare to find recipes like farfalle a zucchine e gamberi (bowties with zucchini and shrimp) ready for the pan. That said, taking the time to prepare a meal with local products, paying attention to the quality of each ingredient is a satisfying creative endeavor. GIFT is here to give you the information you need to make it happen.

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