Gragnano Pasta

Gragnano Pasta

Gragnano Pasta, Paccheri

Gragnano Pasta is one of the highest achievements in types of pasta, and a universal symbol of Italian gastronomic tradition. This fact recently received recognition – Gragnano Paccheri has become the first of Italy’s types of pasta to be granted the IGP geographic indication label.

Gragnano Pasta – Paccheri, and other types, can only be produced in the town of Gragnano, and exclusively with local Italian Durum wheat flour and water. After mixing and kneading the dough until uniform, the production process for Gragnano pasta calls for the impasto to be run through bronze wires to obtain the desired shape and consistency. Afterwards, the product is dried at a temperature not superior to 60°C before packaging.

Gragnano Paccheri stand out among the characteristic varieties of Gragnano pasta. They are round, smooth and straight, with a diameter of about 30 mm. The name means “slap” in the Neapolitan dialect, for the noise they make when stirred into sauce. Paccheri have a porous texture which allows for holding and absorbing the flavor of various sauces and condiments, making them ideal for an authentic Italian meal. Light the stove and fa bollire l’acqua!

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