Gluten Free Pasta

Gluten Free Pasta

Gluten Free Pasta, Authentic Italian Types

Gluten free pasta is a valid alternative to other types of traditional Italian pasta produced with wheat flour, and is currently experiencing a boom due to the dietary needs of people suffering Celiac disease, and others focused on either reducing, or living free of gluten.

The phenomenon has begun to appear from both large scale and handmade producers, in a concerted effort to take advantage of the growth in the gluten free niche by offering consumers quality and taste. Gragnano, for example distinguishes itself as the first to offer gluten free gourmands bronze-cut pastas, with the same slow drying process that characterizes the Italian tradition, guaranteeing flavor and texture in cooking.

It is possible to create an excellent meal at home, concentrating on ensuring the top ingredients are used, and combined with non-GMO derivatives of soy beans, rice, potato, quinoa, amaranth, as well as chestnuts, almonds and millet.

The market is evolving, and the sector is undergoing a revolution with it, paving the way for food equality and better eating habits for all!

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