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Legume pasta, nutritious and gluten-free

Legume pasta is an ideal food for celiac people - being gluten-free - it is much appreciated by vegans and vegetarians, but recommended for everyone. In fact, it combines the pleasure of enjoying a plate of Italian pasta with the high nutritional value of the praised legume produce. Fruits of the earth “poor” and valuable, as stated by the FAO, which is dedicating 2016 to these crops.

The flour used in making legume pasta comes from lentils, beans or chickpeas, and it undergoes through a “denaturation” process that makes it as workable as the wheat one. The result is a tasty pasta, rich in fiber and legume proteins, and - if dressed in a balanced way - characterized by a low glycemic index, thanks to its low-carb content. Features that are particularly suited to counter or prevent overweight, obesity and related conditions, first among them diabetes.

Best Italian production of legume pasta is made with legumes that are 100% Italian and it offers organic products, free of allergens (soy, as well as gluten) and without GMOs. Some references are also certified Kosher.

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