Food Sector Partners, GIFT in Unison

The selection of food sector partners is one of the most integral and important elements of GIFT’s mission to offer value added services to its clients and partners. We do this to create positive synergies for all those involved at any level within the framework of the project’s scope, including core business activities, and the consumers across the world who visit us on the web every day.

This ceaseless effort is reinforced through our growing network of partners, and above all, in the values we share with them. In this way it is possible to move forward together to enact change in the food and agriculture sector both in Italy and beyond, founding the future on the sustainability, innovation, equality and transparency in information needed to ensure the success of the food industry from the bottom up, reinforcing Italy’s role as a global leader in this pursuit.

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A Reference Point

Il Fatto Alimentare is an independent online publication focused on everything that involves the food and beverage industry: safety, labels, consumer...

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