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The Onlus for a different way of doing business

Planet Life Economy Foundation is a non-profit non-profit organization that deals with giving substance to the principles of sustainability by integrating them into business management, with particular attention to the expectations of citizens / consumers. PLEA it promotes the creation of a new model, to create true "Value" at an economic, social, environmental and human level. The Foundation is aimed above all at the world of companies and communication, and in this it distinguishes itself from organizations that deal purely with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Privileged interlocutors are also with institutions, administrations, NGOs, research institutes and universities. The focus of its activities is always the citizen with his needs, his dreams, his lifestyle, the joy of living and participating. The non-profit organization, founded in 2003 on the initiative of a group of Italian managers and entrepreneurs, aims to develop sustainable projects, processes and products by creating a community of experiences and synergies among the members.

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