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Shared values. Oxfam Italia is part of the Oxfam international confederation, an independent network that fights against injustice and poverty in 92 countries. With over 3.000 partners, it carries out emergency interventions during disasters or conflicts, carries out development programs to make people autonomous and able to take their lives in hand, supports opinion and education campaigns.

The organization collaborates with agricultural producers to increase their income opportunities and create efficient, fair and sustainable food chains for both the environment and those who work there, with active initiatives in such as Bosnia Herzegovina, Palestine and the Dominican Republic, only to name a few. With the “CULTIVATE - Food, life, planet” project, Oxfam Italia wants to act directly on the causes of food injustice in a world where one billion people are hungry and 50% of food is wasted.

The goal is to unite governments and businesses to cultivate better, enhancing the activity of small farmers and giving them the land and resources necessary to live, orienting the behavior and policies of companies towards more sustainable production and distribution and asking the consumers to make more ethical choices.

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