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From the Coop hanger to traceable pallets. The best eco packaging of 2021

Reduce, reuse, recycle. The mantra to reduce waste and save resources is the logic with which Conai, the national packaging consortium, rewards the best Italian innovators. In the 2021 edition of the call foreco-design, out of 326 candidates, 185 won the jury. But the top 5 are the protagonists of changes that leave their mark.

The best eco packaging, Coop superstars

The hanger of exposition of intimate garments is usually destined to become waste as soon as it is brought into the house. Coop has revolutionized it, winning one of the 5 super prizes. Precisely that for the use of recycled material and the saving of raw materials.

The new version, eco-friendly, of the hanger is an emblematic case of the sustainable transformation of everyday objects. In fact, it was also awarded in October 2021 by the Italian Packaging Institute.

It is realized 70% of recycled plastic, coming entirely from the recovery of industrial waste. It has been redesigned to reduce weight and bulk and made even more functional so that it can be reused by consumers at home as a hanger or pliers / clothespin.

Another 19 mentions for Coop

Conai it also awarded another 19 awards to Coop Italia (the highest number attributed to the same company) in various categories of sustainable packaging of food and non-food products. The merit is to have increased the percentage of recycled plastic, eliminated non-essential components and reduced or lightened (the so-called ungramming) the materials. A virtuous practice that Coop has started for some time, as we have seen.

Among the awarded products for example, there is almond oil from the line dedicated to children (Crescendo Coop) with the bottle made of 100% recycled plastic. And again, the trays for cold cuts, 'lightened' with important ungramming interventions, in addition to the inclusion of information for the correct sending to the separate collection before the legislative obligation.

'It honors us to receive these Awards which, due to their value and quantity, demonstrate Coop's commitment to eco-compatibility of products from a circular economy perspective. It is the continuation of a path that had already seen us winners in past editions', comments Renata Pascarelli, Quality Director of Coop Italia.

The others best practice rewarded

Of the other four innovations recipients of the Conai super prize foreco-design of the packaging, two end up in the homes of consumers, who are responsible for the crucial correct disposal.

The new bottle of Henkel's 'Perlana dark garments' detergent wins for facilitating recycling activities. The packaging is now made with 25% recycled plastic and a black dye, different from the previous one, suitable for selection in recycling operations.

From Sales srl instead comes an award-winning innovation in the sector E-commerce. The company changed its E / Pad envelopes to polylaminate making them completely recyclable.

The eco-packaging of logistics

The others the two best practice finally awarded, they go to the improvement of packaging that the final consumer does not manage:

- the plastic crates for transporting bread with collapsible, repairable and recyclable sides, made by IFCO Systems Italia Srl,

- fully traceable recycled plastic pallets in order to optimize their collection for reuse, designed by Bayer spa.

The complete list of the award-winning packaging is available on the Conai a this link.

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