Table Olives

Table Olives

Table Olives for Italian Snacking

Table olives consist of all the types that are the best for eating. Some kinds of Italian olives have a taste that makes them an ideal snack, while others are cultivated exclusively for the production of oil. Both green and black, table olive varieties are utilized in for a number of aperitivi or starters, teasing the appetite, and delighting diners.

The favorite table olives varieties for traditional Italian dishes are, among greens – ascolana, dolce di Melfi, intosso, nocellara, tonda and bella di cerignola. Blacks – ortolana, carolea, biancolilla and coratina. The regions that host production are generally central and southern, from Marche and Abruzzi, to Basilicata, Calabria, Puglia and Sicily. Italy is the world’s sixth largest producer with more than 100,000 tons (10% of total production of which half is exported).

On the table in the bel paese also means in clubs, bars, enoteche and homes, this exceptional specialty is perfect with a Prosecco or cocktail in any form – brine, Olive ascolane, Sicilian schiacciate, stuffed or spicy. Eat at will!

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