stuffed olives

stuffed olives

Stuffed Olives Excellent Italian Delicacy

Stuffed olives do not need any introductions, the most well-known are the Ascolan variety. One of the recipes that stands out in the traditional Italian cuisine is the “Messina style” stuffed recipe, but the vegetarian stuffed version is quite renowned, too. Over time, the best chefs of Italy have been able to unravel the secrets of this ingredient and put together delicacies that enhance the organoleptic qualities that characterize the country’s production.

Perfect for aperitifs or appetizers, served with a prosecco or a Martini cocktail, not surprisingly usually accompanied by green drupes. The base of any processing you want to try to make, different for each peninsular region, but also nationally, are the ones in salt water. To these, seafood ingredients are added (i.e. shrimp and anchovies) or land elements (i.e. beef, chicken, pork, including cheese, carrots, onion and capers for the meat-free stuffed versions). Some of these preparations, and that includes the stuffed vegetarian variation as well, do not require great experience, while others, i.e. the famous Ascolan olive, necessitate particular culinary skills.

How much do we know about their properties? They present exceptional properties, in one drupe there are (relatively) many calories, along with substantial quantities of potassium and vitamins. They stimulate our digestion and they are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

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