spicy olives

spicy olives

Spicy Olives Italian Entree or Intense Appetizer

Spicy olives, a delicious Italian recipe internationally renowned, in which olives (usually black) and chilies – of a strictly Italian production and origin – play the key roles.

The spicy taste and olives are a match made in heaven in the southern region of Calabria, Italian homeland of all the most fiery-hot and spicy flavors, starting from the classic spicy nduja (soft typical cold cut). Here this spicy food is called “alivi ammaccati” (bruised olives), the pitting is done by crushing the divers types of drupes with two stones. Once the pit has been removed, they are put to soak for at least two days (to get rid of the bitterness), occasionally changing the water. Finally they are all put in a can (or in a closed crock container), seasoned with various types of spicy ingredients, i.e. garlic, pepper, salt, fennel seeds and olive oil. The preparation will have to stand for about one month.

They can easily be found on the market, or prepared at home, it is easy to prepare, spicy,  as well as tasty, perfect for cocktails and appetizers. Italian olives, also intensely spicy, are not prohibitive when on a low-fat diet: 100 g (and you will never eat so many!) contain just 253 calories.

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