Olive Ascolane

Olive Ascolane

Olive Ascolane, Recipe for Satisfaction

Olive ascolane (oh-lee-veh; ahs-ko-làn-ne) are a single course meal perfect for serving as an aperitivo, starter or snack. This version of Italian olives reaches back to the 1800s, and is often subject to imitation. The Olive ascolane recipe is based on the knockout flavor combination of green olives stuffed with meat.

The authentic preparation of Olive ascolane takes place in the short period between Christmas and Easter. This is due to the simple fact that the cultivar employed in making them, the Ascolana tenera, is a large oval olive with a pleasant taste that is harvested while still verdant. It is fleshy, compact and endowed with a tenderness that lasts just a few months after picking. In other periods of the year, this succulent Italian olives dish is made with diverse cultivars from Puglia and Sicily.

Cooking is difficult and requires true experience over the stove. The ingredients include three different meats (beef, chicken and pork) sautéed with carrots, celery and white wine. This mixed with cheese and nutmeg becomes the stuffing for each individual olive which is then breaded and fried. A portion of eight has about 336 calories. They are so good you won’t stop!

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