Green Olives

Green Olives

Green Olives, The Perfect Italian Snack

Green olives are harvested well before complete maturation occurs during the summer months. These types of olives, do not have a precise geographic origin, but are commonly produced using the Nocellara, Ascolane tenere or Belle di cerignola varieties. If they were left on the branches until autumn, they would be black or purple in color.

Green Italian olives in brine, schiacciate (in salt or vinegar) are common products. Traditions started in Sicily and Calabria, and then spread throughout Italy. Green olives are ideal for serving with an aperitivo drink, or to garnish a starter (for example in Tuscany with cured meats). Different types are available at virtually all neighborhood food shops across the bel paese, baked into bread and pizza and utilized in meat recipes (beef and stuffed rabbit).

Green olives are also lower on calories with three times fewer lipids than their ripe counterparts. Due to this, they are frequently used in salads and light cold dishes. These green gems are optimal for insertion in a varied and balanced diet, and as part of a healthy lifestyle. The green olive contains polyphenols, mineral salts and monounsaturated fats. The only thing that beats that is their taste!

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