Calories in Olives

Calories in Olives

Calories in Olives, Information on Nutrition

Calories in olives – contrary to what many people think, green (unripe) and calories in black olives (ripe) are valid allies in a healthy lifestyle with low calorie intake. Harvested in summer and fall, these nutrition treasures are rich in uncanny benefits, and not just for calories.

Olives are protagonists in a number of diets, because without losing sight of counting calories, it is useful to consider their additional nutrition virtues as well. It is important to distinguish between purple and black olives (with higher kcal value) and green ones. Both contain high levels of iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and antioxidants (extraordinary qualities for such few calories).

For as much as extra virgin oil is a mainstay of Italian cuisine, it is possible to trade off the calories in a single spoonful with eight green or six black olives. In addition to providing excellent energy, they go a step further by quenching hunger more quickly than other snacks – the perfect reason to choose them for an aperitivo or starter.

The calories in olives dilemma is settled. They taste great and are good for you – straight from the Mediterranean.


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