Olive Oil from Italy, Simply the Best

Olive oil is the de facto Mediterranean condiment of excellence, and the product of thousands of years of culinary and agrarian tradition. Extra virgin is the most widely used and known variety of Italian olive oil, sitting high on the scale of different types. Extra virgin oil is the nectar that is produced after the first crushing, and a crucial ingredient in Italian cuisine. Its calories make it an attractive food for healthier diets.

The aroma and taste that is added to virtually any recipe makes Italian olive oil unique, and it is rich in rare, healthy fatty acids, as well as anti-oxidants, granting it uncanny health and cosmetic proerties. Virgin is higher in acidity, and is therefore generally considered to be of lower quality in terms of flavor. This type is obtained during the second press or through refining other olive oils, and is primarily employed for cooking purposes, incuding frying.

The pinnacle to be found is made using the cold pressing method, a process which conserves many of the qualities that are presented to our senses, though it also contains slightly more water. Consumers who buy just any old oil may not be aware that they will not experience the delight of the finest Italian products, so lets keep them informed!

Offering Italy’s Best
Olive oil

Offering Italy’s Best

The tradition and quality embodied in Italian olive oil producers is a deeply rooted historic phenomenon strictly connected to the Mediterranean...