Olive oil

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Olive Oil, Benefits of Extra Natural

Those looking for organic olive oil can count on an unparalleled level of excellence thanks to the extraordinary array of cultivations, traditions and territories that characterize local production. Extra virgin and beyond, the olive oil pinnacle is reserved for organic output, utilizing farming techniques that take advantage of centuries old country knowhow, doing away with chemical intrusions from the tree to the bottle.

Italian organic olive oil may be called so only if every single olive used to extract it is picked by hand. A less noted distinction arises between extra virgin and its cousin, virgin. In both cases, the oil is extracted mechanically or manually, but not with the aid of solvents. For the former, acidity levels must never exceed 0.8%, while in the latter, with slightly inferior sensory characteristics, up to 2% is allowed.

When comparing certified and guaranteed products, observing these variations means witnessing the enormous variety and quality produced in Italy. Color, aroma and flavor vary according to territory of origin meeting with personal preferences and the requirements of specific uses, yet another benefit of learning to speak the bel paese‘s language of food. Better still if organic!

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