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Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Only the Finest

Tuscan extra virgin olive oil is produced in well-defined zones of the region that celebrate the beauty of landscapes and ancient traditions, not to mention Italian oil itself. The areas are delineated around the towns of Arezzo, Florence, Grosseto, Massa Carrara, Pisa, Pistoia and Siena according to the producing guidelines for this IGP (protected geographic indication). Excellent oil with origins in the province of Lucca is also considered among the best.

These extra virgin oils are very popular in Italy and abroad for their light consistency. Colors range from deep green to golden yellow, and become clearer with the passage of time. Taste is distinctly fruity with scented notes and cascading piquancy depending on the territory of origin. Known for its wine, the Tuscan area of ​​Chianti produces a slightly spicy oil with a soft, bitter aftertaste.

The consortium, established in 1997, ensures the traceability and identity of every Tuscan bottle, making sure that each stage of production - harvesting, pressing and bottling, takes place in Tuscany.



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