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Organic extra virgin olive oil, excellent choice

Un extra virgin olive oil Italian taste biological represents the highest level of quality. A product that is also good for the environment. The rules of organic production are also strictly defined in olive growing, where the conversion from conventional to organic lasts 3 years.

The definition of organic extra virgin olive oil indicates that the olives used to extract the precious food are obtained without the use of pesticides, for the best protection of the planet. Exceptions are foreseen, strictly regulated, in case of serious infestation by the oil fly (Batrocera oleae), an insect capable of causing enormous damage, quantitative and qualitative, to the harvest.

The organic technique involves the rigorous observance of prescriptions relating to each stage of the process. Organic substance is used in the fertilization of the soil, and the processing must be superficial, to respect the natural characteristics of the soil. After harvesting, done by hand, the raw material is entrusted to the mill for extraction, according to the dictates established in Italy for the best extra virgin olive oil.


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