extra virgin olive oil

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Superior Quality

Italian extra virgin olive oil has well-defined characteristics, which vary with each area of production. The Italian oil typical of Liguria is cloudy in appearance, golden yellow or light green in color, and plummy to the palate. Moving further south, oil changes in consistency and taste, to take on the marked differences in traits that characterize the territory.

In the regions of central Italy, the most suited for the traditional manufacture of Italian oil are Tuscany, Marche, Umbria and Abruzzi. The oils obtained from this macro-zone boast very bright and clear tones, with fruity aromas and a slight acerbic aftertaste. Among appreciated varieties is the Toscano IGP (protected geographic indication).

In southern areas of the Italian peninsula and islands, kissed by the sun throughout the year, denser extra virgin oil is found. The degree of ripeness of the fruit is more precocious than in the rest of the country. This gives the product its distinctive gold hue with greenish reflexes. Flavors and aroma are stronger without becoming bitter or pungent.

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