extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil history

Extra virgin olive oil history

Extra virgin olive oil Mediterranean history

Extra virgin olive oil, a story born with man and civilization, in the cradle of culture, that we call Mediterranean Sea. If for some time traces of ancient mills had been brought to light, the finding of an Israeli expedition into Galilee, completed in 2014, opens new scenarios on the common path of oil and ancient human history leading up to our beloved extra virgin.

Oil residues have been detected in 20 of ceramic amphorae, some dating back to 5800 BC, but what is even more surprising is that the quality of oil seems to fully resemble the current extra virgin. Following in reverse footsteps from the past, leadership goes to the Kfar Samir archaeological site, where the artifacts found with traces of oil date back to 7700 years ago. A kind of olive tree was domesticated in ancient times, while its extract could have been produced not for food purposes, but for illumination.

Greece is known for its flourishing production of olive oil, so much so that the famous archaeologist Heinrich Schlieman found olive pits in the palaces of Tirino and in Mycenae. Thanks to the Phoenicians and Greeks olive trees reached Italy and it was the Roman Empire that gave a greater impulse to the development of their cultivation.

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