extra virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Calories

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Calories

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Calories, Keeping an Italian Figure

Extra virgin olive oil calories add up to 9.5 per gram. Daily consumption is estimated at 40-60 grams, or the caloric equivalent of 400-600 of the average 2000-3000 suggested as energy intake suitable for a healthy adult if the splendor of extra virgin oil as a condiment for every meal.

Compared to a number of lesser condiments, this prince of Italian cuisine is second to none. In addition to taste, the beneficial health properties it provides are truly unique. Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, it is considered a useful aid in the fight against cardiovascular disease and an ally of the well-being of the intestine, for its soothing effect and influence of regularity.

Nutritionists are also keen on recommending olive oil, preferably extra virgin, for diets. Other varieties are the best choice for frying, too. Their features make them resistant to the high temperatures required to cook this way, which with many oils can cause an alteration in fat compounds, increasing toxicity.

Nutritious and healthful on food, it has been around for thousands of years, and is the cornerstone of the optimal eating habits of the Italian and Mediterranean lifestyle.

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