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Tuscan extra virgin olive oil

Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, guaranteed quality

You can qualify Tuscan extra virgin olive oil only the product obtained in well-defined areas of the region which, even from a landscape point of view, celebrates the ancient tradition of olive cultivation with beauty. The areas are around Arezzo, Florence, Grosseto, Massa Carrara, Pisa, Pistoia, Siena. Thus establishes the disciplinary for this appreciated PGI oil, with Protected Geographical Indication. Although to complete the rose it is necessary to mention another excellent extra virgin olive oil, from the province of Lucca.

This extra virgin is very popular, even abroad, for its lightness. It has a color ranging from deep green to golden yellow, and tends to lighten over time. The taste is markedly fruity, with fragrant notes and more or less spicy tones, depending on the area of ​​origin. In the same area known for its wine, Chianti Classico is produced, a slightly spicy extra virgin olive oil with a slight bitter aftertaste.

The Consortium, established in 1997, guarantees its traceability and identity, for which it is mandatory that every stage of production, from the harvesting and pressing of the olives to packaging, takes place in Tuscany.

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