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Apulian extra virgin olive oil

Apulian extra virgin olive oil, scent of Italy

Apulian extra virgin olive oil is a definition that includes all the productions that from the north of Puglia to the heel of the Italian boot provide a large quantity of high quality Made in Italy olive oil. With a growing extension of organic crops.

This extra virgin olive oil comes from a territory at the top of the ranking of Italian beauties, dotted with small villages and expanses of centuries-old olive trees, a splendid sea and a generous climate. And it gives an unforgettable and varied taste to those who are lucky enough to taste it. Always fruity, it can be sweet and harmonious or strong and intense, with spicy and bitter notes that sting in the throat.

Delighting the palate with different flavors means savoring regional oils, some of which DOP, with Protected Designation of Origin: Collina di Brindisi, Terra d'Otranto and Bari, Dauno, which includes four categories of extra virgin olive oil (Gargano, Sub Appennino, Basso and Alto Tavoliere). Consumed in the places of production, on a slice of homemade bread or to season fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, it disturbs the senses, and instantly reveals the reasons for its notoriety all over the world.

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