extra virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Excellence Italian Style

Extra virgin olive oil is obtained through the cold pressing of select olives harvested at the just the right stage of maturation. This Italian olive oil is extracted with the aid of simple mechanical procedures that have changed little over the centuries. Extra virgin is like a fresh-squeezed “juice” in every sense of the word. It is a dietary staple more than a condiment.

Rich in anti-oxidants, it helps slow down cellular aging, favour digestion, and the assimilation of vitamins and minerals, reduce the probability of tumours and cardiovascular illness, as well as ensure high levels of energy. With these unique properties, it is a solid recommendation for any age group, from infants to the elderly, and accompanies the harmonious development of our bodies by contributing to its wellbeing.

Guaranteeing consumers and food industry specialists alike that extra virgin products are always the best in terms of quality is a task carried out in strict collaboration with the scientific and production community in order to use efficient methods and tools to assure the authenticity of the product. To become a connoisseur start tasting it raw in a spoon, or small glass.

olio extrav storia
extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil history

Extra virgin olive oil Mediterranean history Extra virgin olive oil, a story born with man and civilization, in the cradle of culture, that we call Mediterranean Sea. If for some time traces of ancient mills had been brought to light, the finding of an Israeli expedition into Galilee...

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