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Italian extra virgin olive oil

Italian extra virgin olive oil, excellent quality

Un Italian extra virgin olive oil it has well-defined characteristics, which vary with the production area. The typical one of Liguria has a veiled appearance, the color is golden yellow or light green and a fruity smell. Moving a little further south, the precious food changes face and flavor, to take on even more different contours in the South.

In the Italian regions of Central Italy, the most suited to the typical productions of extra virgin olive oil are Tuscany, the Marches, Umbria and Abruzzo. In this macro-area we obtain oils with green tones, very bright and clear, with fruity aromas and a bitter note to the taste. Among the most popular varieties, the Tuscan IGP oil stands out (Protected Geographical Indication).

In the southern territories, kissed by the sun for a long time during the year, thick oils are encountered. The degree of ripeness of the olives is more advanced than in the rest of the country. This gives the product its distinct golden tones with greenish reflections. The flavors and aromas are also particular, stronger, without however becoming bitter or pungent.

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