antidiabetic olive oil

Anti-diabetic and anti-cholesterol olive oil

Among the many beneficial properties, the consumption of olive oil extra virgin takes effect antidiabetic. A study conducted by the La Sapienza University of Rome and published on Nutrition & Diabetes reveals the mechanism. 

The Italian researchers involved 25 healthy adults, who were given a Mediterranean diet based on rice, pasta, meat, vegetables, fruit. Analyzing the glucose and lipid profile of the subjects, immediately before and two hours after the meal, it emerged that the presence in the food of 10 grams of extra virgin olive oil led to a reduction in blood sugar from 130 to 100 mg, as well as a surprising decrease in Ldl serum cholesterol from 90 to 70 mg. On the other hand, the same menu, with the addition of corn oil or without olive oil, did not produce effects.

Natural antidiabetic with efficacy comparable to that of new generation drugs (incretins), the nutrient will be transformed into a drug by the Roman university. Encouraged by similar data emerging from a work on diabetic patients, carried out by the same team coordinated by Francesco Violi.

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